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AEN is about connecting and communicating, in the years since it began, there have been some great connections made. This page highlights some of the achievements and outcomes that members have noted.

I love the opportunity that AEN provides to discuss issues of relevance to ethnic communities, in a safe and respectful way. I also appreciate the way the network keeps me informed of events organised by various ethnic communities. It's a great network to belong to.
Anjum Rahman (Chartered accountant, Mother, Member of Islamic women's council, Trustee of Shama (Hamilton ethnic women's centre).

I am a masters student in political communication at the University of Canterbury. My thesis is titled "Political Communication in a Multicultural New Zealand: Engaging Migrant Communities Through Ethnic Minority Media" .I am looking at the extent to which New Zealand's South Asian media facilitate migrant participation in public political debate. I have found the AEN daily digests an invaluable resource for my research. They provide an excellent insight into the goings-on and lively debate in the so-called "ethnic sector" and I have accessed many of the links provided in these digests. What I am looking forward to, given that I am focusing on ethnic media coverage of the 2008 election, is the fascinating dialogue which I'm sure will ensue on AEN over the next year.
Kirsten Chambers, University of Canterbury

Being a member of AEN is like being a member of a club whose members have a common interest -- ethnic diversity. With academics, government bureaucrats, journalists and even political workers amongst its members, one can be sure that what is being said on the forum is being taken note of by those in a position to use it in policy formulation. I see AEN playing a more influential role as an interface between those at the policy formulation end and those at the policy target end.“ Verpal Singh, Chairperson, The Sikh Centre.

I find AEN a fantastic resource in bridging the gaps that too often exist between academia and the communities we teach and write about. AEN brings theoretical and empirical debates on ethnicity, racism and national identities to life. It connects people and communities who may not always engage in conversations with each other. As an academic based in Southern Aotearoa AEN is especially valuable in connecting me with issues around ethnicity in other parts of the country.
Dr Jacqueline Leckie, Anthropology Department, University of Otago

AEN is a vital tool for artists and arts organisations wishing to understand and connect with ethnic communities in New Zealand; I encourage arts providers to look at what value their programmes offer AEN members and contribute to critical commentary of the issues that affect New Zealand's ethnic communities today.
Helen Bartle, Adviser Audience and Market Development, Creative New Zealand.

AEN provides a vehicle for individuals and communities to explore their relationships in a safe environment. At the core of AEN's ethos is the idea that we all have a lot in common, more than you might think. Each ethnic group faces similar struggles to maintain their unique identity whilst achiving understanding in the wider community. We can all work together toward a multicultural New Zealand in which we are confident of our own identities and and knowledgeable about those around us. I've made some good friends on AEN, and made useful contacts as well. I frequently forward AEN emails to off-list friends and colleagues whom I think might be interested.
Dave Moskovitz

I have heard from five persons known to me and all of them are members of AEN. It is still ‘early days’ but definitely it is rapidly widening its reach. Quite a few of them told me that they eagerly wait for my posting on the network with regards to the contents of the week’s programme. It’s just a matter of time before you get to see a torrent in tribe. I congratulate Ruth and Andy for establishing such a fine platform of communication.
Syed Akbar Kamal

It's great to see this network growing and growing! I've found it useful and it's fabulous that different groups are able to communicate directly this way. I'd like to invite anyone with news and/or interesting stories about Asian individuals and/or groups in New Zealand to contact me, for coverage on National Radio's (Radio New Zealand) weekly report 3.30pm, Tuesdays. May I just say that by "Asian' I mean from anywhere in the vast continent! Great work, everyone and Ruth especially, for starting this - keep the info flowing!
Suzanne Schokman, National Radio

I recently became part of this network and would like to say, it is good feeling to see the spirit of dialogue and frank discussions. It is great learning and humbling experience. Keep the good work and thank you Ruth for the facilitation.

...I am finding the information passed through AEN really interesting and helpful as well - both for work and personal interest - its a well worthwhile initiative.
Manisha Bhikha

I take a look at the network every day and think it is a great platform for people to air their views and engage themselves into constructive discussion.